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I expect many spirulina aficionados will want to know the source of my raw spirulina and whether it is certified organic. I will not reveal the source of my raw spirulina. It is a relatively small site and just about all of the spirulina goes to Europe. US definition of an organically grown product differs to European Economic Community definition, thus Hawaiian “certified organic” spirulina cannot be sold in EEC as such – it doesn’t meet the EEC’s criteria for classifying it as organic. So, for my supplier there is no worthwhile reason to have his production site certified by US authorities as organic. Some customers are concerned about the levels of heavy metals and harmful bacteria in spirulina from some sources. These days practically all Spirulina is grown in medium unusually free of contamination by other organisms, and so it is one of the cleanest, most naturally sterile foods. Even the best laboratory would find it nigh impossible to notice a difference between certified organic and no certified Spirulina. “Certified Organic” is a very effective marketing ploy, but it needs not to be a factor in anybody’s choice of a brand. Very stringent levels of contaminants were set ages ago and Australian & New Zealand Food Authority tests every imported lot for them. So, you can be certain that if you buy ANY spirulina brand in Australia, you won’t have to worry about any contaminants – it will be as good as certified organic. Not one brand of Spirulina has ever been even suspected of adverse health effects, or causing complications with the use of any medication. Even the closure of Sosa Texcoca in 1994 was not caused by chemical contamination and toxicity of the product – it had above limit counts of insect fragment and foreign plant materials. Claims, that if the Spirulina is not “Certified Organic” it is slowly poisoning you, are ridiculous, outlandish, and slanderous. Slander campaigns have the notoriety of backfiring. In the end, even fact-based claims of the slander initiators are disbelieved.